Jody Hodges

“This is the place to call if you want to close on time, they do a great job and have expanded hours.”

Joshua Henderson

“They did a TERRIFIC job conducting the closing for me and my wife. Patient, professional, knowledgable.”

Kenny Wallace

“Greg and Connie at Broker Title are absolutely the best to use when closing your real estate transactions. They are constantly aware of every detail and very conscientious about their quality of work. They will also call my clients to help close the deal if...


“I have been in the mortgage industry going on 16 years now. Through those years I have used many title companies. Some have been great, some have been bad, but none can compare to Broker Title and Escrow. Their personal touch and attention to detail is superior...

Debbie Heughan

“I have been doing my closings with Broker Title & Escrow for many years now and I’ve always had a positive experience. Connie and Greg always go the extra mile to make sure everything is done professionally and on time. All my clients, buyers and...